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Gore Face Warmer

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"A godsend for those bitterly cold conditions"

Sunday, January 1, 2006 12.00am By

Cold faces and wind-blasted cheeks can be a winter nightmare for cyclists, and have always been synonymous with winter riding. Thanks to Gore, though, you can banish that fear altogether (although there's a strong possibility that the public will fear you). Made from Wind Stopper N2S (Next to skin) material, this mask makes you look like the lead in an Eighties' slasher movie, covering much of the face but leaving a cutout for the nose and serrations around the mouth.

Tested on a blistering cold November week, the mask proved extremely effective and unobtrusive, and having warm breath flood back to my face was welcome relief. The material wicks unwanted moisture very effectively, too, and breathing is not restricted in any way. In terms of sizing, the universal size felt a little baggy around the face, although my helmet straps took up any unwanted slack. As part of your winter wardrobe and worn with a hat and glasses, this excellent face warmer will banish stinging faces and watering eyes to winters past. Other bonuses include the fact that it's machine washable and has a reflective Gore logo.


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Face Warmer
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Wind Stopper N2S
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One Size Fits All
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