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Finisterre Bise gilet

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"Lightweight insulation to stow in your pack for long exposed winter rides"

Friday, November 4, 2011 4.00pm By

We're big fans of lightweight, insulated gilets. They're not just handy for hanging around before and after rides but get the right one and it sneaks into a pack for long cold weather rides where you can pull it out at map/lunch/mechanical stops.

The Bise not only scores big in that it packs into its own pocket (doubling as a pillow in a camping pinch...) but also that the insulation is Primaloft Eco, a recycled synthetic insulation that (and here’s the science bit) retains 75 percent of its heat when wet.

Having worn it through the British 'summer' we've had the chance to test that more thoroughly than usual. It also dries fast too – handy when you know it’s going to get the same again the next day.

The cut is unbulky and properly female shaped and we really like the zip-free handwarmer pockets (have you ever felt the pain of zip teeth on cold skin?). We can’t speak highly enough of the Bise’s comfort, especially after keeping it on for the remainder of the ride after a stop on one extra cold day.

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Sizes: 8-10, 12, 14, 16-18. Colours: Berry, graphite. Fabric: Primaloft, recycled polyester

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