Lusso gilet review£26.99

UK-made fuss-free kit

BikeRadar score4/5

Unlike a lot of cycling kit, Lusso’s gilet actually comes in colours other than black. And it differs from most other brands by still being handmade in the UK. 

While that can sometimes mean inflated prices, Lusso’s kit has managed to stay resolutely wallet-friendly. 

The Manchester-based company’s gilet has a long tail, is waterproof and breathable, and has reflective strips front and rear. 

Unlike Rapha’s gilet, the Lusso doesn’t have any pockets, but in just about every other area this piece of spring kit is spot on. 

Our experience of using Lusso’s cycling kit suggests that it’ll be a durable item of clothing too. As for sizing, Lusso’s tends to be on the generous side. 

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