Endura Lobster Winter Gloves £29.99

Split mittens for warm winter riding

BikeRadar score 4/5

Keeping your digits warm and dry when riding in the depths of winter can be a real challenge. As your fingers don’t have much in the way of winter fat, mitts make sense by bunching them together and trapping air. 

The Lobsters are a good compromise as their crustacean-style pincers allow easier operation of the brakes and gears than full mitts. In use, they do an excellent job at keeping you toasty with their Thinsulate lining, and as long as water doesn’t seep in down your sleeves, they stay dry thanks to their seam-sealing and Velcro tabs.

They're perfect for the winter but some may not like the lobster claw split finger design - especially if you're used to one-finger braking (the Tundra five-fingered glove would suit such riders for the same price).

The liner still has five fingers, and the only small problem we found was that the liner tended to stay clammy long after the rest of the glove had dried out after sweating or washing. It's a minor gripe, but one that affects every waterproof glove we've tested.

There are sizeable reflective patches for highly visible indicating, too.

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