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Louis Garneau Women Wind Eco gloves

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"A good option for all but the coldest winter weather"

Friday, January 6, 2012 2.00pm By

It's hard to gauge how much hand protection you’ll need when riding in changeable winter conditions, but these weather-resistant gloves are a good middle-ground option.

They’re not boxing-glove thick like full winter riding gloves but are made from Windstop Lycra, with Teflon-coated panels which give decent water resistance and complete protection from windchill. A soft, snug cuff and lovely fleecy nose-wipe piece on the thumb make them comfortable and there’s a vent on the palm that keeps them breathable too.

We found they needed a bit of breaking in; despite ‘flex zones’ we could hardly move our hands the first time we put them on, and the seams inside are stiff, which detracts from the otherwise soft inner. But after a few outings they seemed much more flexible and we had no trouble changing gear, braking or navigating.

This article was originally published in Triathlon Plus magazine.

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Women's Wind Eco Glove (12)
Louis Garneau

Materials: Palm: Amara; Shell: Wind Tex/Microfleece/StopZone
Clothing Material:
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