Ground Effect Baked Alaska jersey £58

Warmth without too much weight

BikeRadar score 4.5/5

We’ve grown to love New Zealand’s Ground Effect gear over the years, and the Baked Alaska is a firm favourite. It’s super-warm thanks to its Merino wool inner layer and polyester outer, which take care of wicking duties well.

On top, Ground Effect has used a laminated Windfoil fleece to keep off chilly winds. Add to this neat touches such as two large zip pockets, a long front zip, latlock seams, a tall neck and reflective piping, and the Baked Alaska is something pretty special.

Its warmth-to-weight ratio is superb, and it performs brilliantly in all weathers, apart from in the wet, when you’ll need an outer shell. 

The Heatwave Merino mix stays warm even when soaking wet, dries pretty fast and doesn't stink after several days' wear. It's a bit itchy at first, but you'll be amazed how much weather it'll handle and stay comfy. You have to wait a week or so for postage but prices are excellent.

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