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2XU Compression Calf Guards

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"Simple but effective recovery-enhancing kit"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 10.00am By

Athletes like Paula Radcliffe have been using calf guards for years to keep fatigue, soreness and injury at bay during exercise and to encourage recovery after it. Yes, they look wrong if you have them out on display, but they do help.

These ones from 2XU are fairly simple tubes, flat stitched throughout, tapered so that they encourage blood flow back up towards your heart. They feature reflective graphics to help get you seen at night although one of the logos on our set soon started to look a bit tatty on the stretchy Lycra fabric.

You can comfortably wear them under your Lycra tights while riding in winter although we didn’t get any noticeable benefit there. We do, though, value them for wearing post-ride to stave off soreness and help you feel fresh and ready to train again sooner. 

The difference isn’t dramatic – don’t expect magic – but every little bit helps. Full tights are more effective but these aren’t so hot when worn under your civvies. The calf guards come in five sizes and it’s essential you get the right fit.

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Compression Calf Guards

Powerful 50D Compresion Fabric, Flatlock Seams 4 needle stitch minimises chaffing, Graduated Fit, Stirrup for high active sports
Available Colours:
Beige Black White

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