Mavic Avenir shoes review£90.00

Fantastic newcomers

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Darth Vader has another choice of shoe for his racing team’s Stormtrooper domestiques other than the Shimano R086.Though we have to say, the yellow Mavic tags and logos are a nice touch.

Combining stiff soles with super-soft synthetic uppers reinforced in all the right places, this is a lovely shoe. You’ll be gutted when they get their first scuff – but they are also available in a more dirt-friendly graphite if you can’t bear the constant wiping these need.

The fit is comfy and slipper-like, with a high back and tight heel-cup, and the broad top strap is a triumph in distributing forces across the top of your foot no matter how tight you ratchet it.

The two-lever buckle is a tidy design and easy to use with just finger and thumb. The vented, glass fibre-reinforced nylon sole also has bolts for all the common cleat systems.

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