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Sidi Dragon 2 Carbon SRS

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Sunday, July 12, 2009 3.00pm By

The Lorica leather and mesh Sidi Dragon 2 SRS is the alpha male of Sidi's mountain bike shoe range, with a carbon midsole and the clever SRS Sole Replacement System which will increase the lifespan of your shoes.

With previous Sidi shoe models, the outsole would sometimes be worn out by the time the upper was wearing in, but now you can simply screw in a new outsole.

So, if you don’t kill the uppers you can keep the shoes going for two or three times longer: we’ve had a pair for six years that are now on their third outsole.

The Lorica uppers are narrow fitting but they do give and, once broken in, will be comfortable even for wide feet. The new heel fit system is great, allowing wearers to adjust the width of the heel at the Achilles to prevent heel slip.

Upper adjustment is very accurate with a micro lock Velcro strap at the toe, a cable dial on the mid-foot and the Sidi micro buckle.

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Dragon 2 SRS Carbon (09)

Special features: Adjustable heel it, replaceable SRS outsole
Available Colours:
Shoe Closure:
Buckle and Straps
Shoe Sizes Available:
39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48
Sole Type:
Carbon Fibre

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