661 Dually shoes £69.99

Stylish flat-pedal performers, wet or dry

BikeRadar score 3.5/5

The Dually is a shoe for flat pedals that's not specifically intended for winter, but better protected than most.

The taller collar makes it warmer and more puddle resistant than a low shoe. The rubber, suede and fabric body is naturally splashproof and well insulated and weather shrugging performance can easily be boosted with a spray-on ‘proofing’ treatment.

The flat sole is easy to find filthy cleats in, and slips in and out of clogged platforms easily. The SPD version is slightly stiffer for pedalling power, while the non-SPD ‘Taki’ version is extra sticky for use on pure flatties. Walking grip suffers in the wet, but these have been our kickabout boots for everything from dirt jumping to decorating.

Away from the wet

When the weather improves, these will still be great all-purpose flat-pedal shoes too.

They have a three-quarter profile with just enough height to offer protection for the ankles, but not so much that it takes away freedom of movement.

The uppers are well padded to ward off knocks and scrapes, and the toe and heel boxes are sturdy enough to envelope your foot properly without you having to do the shoes up ultra tight and cutting off your circulation.

The soles look like regular trainer affairs but they're made from softer 'Taki' compound rubber for better adhesion to the pedals.

They're not as grippy as the ultra-sticky Five Tens, but this makes them infinitely more useable on a daily basis for all kinds of flat pedal riders - even dirt jumpers who like to move around on their pedals.

Plus, they're probably the best looking riding shoes out there - easily good enough to don with your casual clothes, although we'd recommend changing the original laces to grey ones.

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