Mavic Stratos short £89.99

Top-line baggy cross-country shorts

BikeRadar score4.5/5

French wheel magnates Mavic launched a complete range of clobber this year and there are some great bits of kit in the collection – including these top-line baggy cross-country shorts.

If you’re into lots of pockets then don’t bother reading this review any further because the two slim thigh pockets aren’t much cop for anything except thin, light stuff such as notes, car keys, gels or energy bars.

However, the multi-panel stretch uppers combined with super durable woven arse and outer legs give a fantastic ‘you won’t know you’ve even got them on’ kind of fit.

They also wick sweat really well and, despite months of almost continual riding and several bumps and crashes, have emerged totally unscathed.

The fishnet-legged undershorts look a little on the freaky side, but the 3D Pro insert is as comfy as it gets. Add superlight weight and minimum pedal interference despite decent length legs and these are fantastic high mileage cross-country baggies.

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