Polaris 3 Quartz 3/4-length leggings review£36.99

Springtime knee savers

BikeRadar score4/5

In spring, autumn and winter, three-quarter length leggings have the advantage over shorts and knee warmers in that they never ride down to expose a thin band of goose-pimpled flesh. 

These 3 Quartz leggings are flat-stitched, lightweight Lycra with a synthetic, antibacterial chamois. They’re more like long shorts than winter tights, but once you’re moving, they can keep your knees warm even at single digit temperatures. 

The back is high enough to keep out draughts, too. A decent cut and plenty of stretch prevent bagginess, while grippered hems stop the 3s riding up. They’re machine washable and come in sizes S to XXL.

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