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Sugoi RS Flex Shorts review




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90.0 out of 5 stars

"Top quality short with added aero effect"

Tuesday, October 2, 2007 11.00pm By

Sugoi's top range RS Flex short gets a make over for 2006 and the most striking difference is the Ultra Aero material used.

This stretchy material is dimpled to be more aerodynamic and create less friction in a similar way to a golf ball. Whether this makes a huge difference in terms of speed for most of us mere mortals is debateable though. That said they're lightweight, soft, stretchy and super comfy against the skin.

This Ultra Aero material is divided into 10 panels held together with contrasting flat lock stitching making for a superior fit without irritations. Inside is the welcome sight of the Formula Flex chamois made up of several layers of differing densities of padding with the highest density padding where your sit bones are located.

Each of these layers is bonded together to do away with any uncomfortable seams. The outer most layer uses four types of stretch material so contours well to your body and the whole lot does a great job of wicking. Add to this subtle logos and comfy leg grippers and you have the ingredients for a top quality short. Long stints in the saddle go unnoticed and they still look as good as new after a few months wearing and washing. They might be expensive but they're a great short and worth it if you have the cash. Also available in a bib and women's versions.

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RS Flex Shorts

Clothing Material:
Formula Flex Chamois Ultra Aero
Clothing Sizes Available:
Available Colours:
Black Navy
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