Capo Atlas Carbon socks

Carbon for your feet

BikeRadar score4/5

Few cycling apparel makers offer as comprehensive a line of socks as Capo, who claim the carbon yarns in their Atlas Carbons 'dissipate static electricity, regulate heat and naturally eliminate bacteria'. 

We're unsure of the practical benefit of the static electricity bit – apart from perhaps saving us from the occasional shock when flicking light switches – but even ignoring that feature, these are still an excellent means of wrapping your feet before donning a pair of cycling shoes.

The dedicated left/right cut offers a slightly improved fit around the toes relative to standard sock patterns – not to mention an assuredly correct logo placement – and the 12cm cuff seems just about right for most. 

True to Capo's word the Atlas socks do keep our feet distinctly dry and cooler than some other synthetic socks we've used, and no one at home has run off screaming when we've pulled off our shoes after a ride.

The US$20 asking price is higher than some but the Atlas Carbons have held up quite well to lots of machine washing and drying, so at least you should get a good return on the investment. Cyclists' feet lead a hard life and socks are a poor place to skimp on quality. 

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