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Altura Night Vision tights

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"Well-shaped tights that go beyond the usual reflective strips to boast high-visibility superpowers"

Monday, December 13, 2010 4.00pm By

The unique selling point of these tights is the comprehensive array of reflective stripes, lozenges and logos. There’s little chance of not being spotted in the dark in these – point a light directly at them and it’s like looking at a radioactive zebra.

That’s great for road safety, although you may find them a bit garish out on the mountain bike trails. As is traditional, they use fleecy Roubaix fabric, although it’s quite a thin version.

Thinner means more stretch, though, which allows Altura to get away with a lower panel count and thus keep costs down. On paper, the thinner fabric will be less warm, although constantly moving legs tend to be warmer than other body parts.

The bib straps are a lightweight mesh with a short front zip. At the bottom end are well-shaped foot loops, while inside is a moulded pad. It’s made of two densities of foam welded together, but there’s not as much shape in it as some – it needs a bit of time to adjust itself appropriately.

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