Bicycle Line Thunder 3/4-length bib tights review£89.24

Competitively priced, cosy winter wear

BikeRadar score3/5

The Thunder bib tights are part of Bicycle Line's winter 2011 range but their three-quarter length means you'll still be able to wear them when the temperature starts to climb again. They come in either the black finish shown here, predominantly white, or our favourite, the eye-catching red.

The fleece-lined interior keeps things warm and snug even on bitterly cold, breezy rides, and the cropped legs mean you don't overheat when the pace is cranked up on hills. The high, zipped front is a nice touch as it shields more of your midriff from the wind, while the generous mesh side and rear panels stop you getting sweaty.

The shiny, gloss finish won't be for everyone and the lack of reflective detailing may put off commuters. Fit is all-important, and though we found the cut of the Thunder fine above the knee, it wasn't quite the same story below, where the legs had a tendency to bunch – something the minimal sillcone gripper couldn't quite stop.

For the price, though, they're a decent bet. Bicycle Line don't currently have a distribution deal in place in the UK or US, but both CycleSuperStore (Ireland) and Arg Sports (Canada) ship worldwide.

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