Rapha Deep Winter tights review£220.00

Bib tights for very cold weather

BikeRadar score4/5

Rapha have added a pair of Deep Winter tights to their range this year. These have no chamois and are designed to be worn over padded shorts on the most inclement of days.

They're made from a fleece-lined, heavier-weight material than Rapha’s standard tights, adding more insulation, windproofing on the front of the legs and water-repellent properties to the mix. There’s a reflective stripe on the left heel, and the word ‘wheelsucker’ subtly printed on the seat panel.

There’s a lot of attention to detail, with pre-bent knees and a hard-wearing, water-resistant seat panel. The result is a beautifully cut, comfortable product that’s exceptionally warm.

Unless you’re really cold-blooded, a normal pair of longs will probably suffice, but if no amount of cold will put you off venturing out on your bike, these are hard to beat. From our experience of Rapha bibs, these are likely to prove hard-wearing – which is just as well, given the price tag.

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