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Rapha Winter tights

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"Warm, soft and very comfortable. But they're not padded, or wind or water-resistant and the cost can’t be justified"

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 4.00pm By

Made from Thermo Roubaix, Rapha's winter tights are warm, soft and very comfortable. The details are up to the British company’s usual high standards, with a hidden zipped mesh pocket, waterproof seat panel, gummy ankle grippers and stirrups.

The Thermo Roubaix extends to the midriff and a garaged comfort break zip is a nice touch. They’re not padded, or wind or water-resistant, but our issue is the price: a pair of unpadded tights that cost the same as a competitor's all-singing, all-dancing ones can’t be justified.

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Sizes: S-XXL, Sex: men's, women's, Colours: black

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