Skins Compression Wear £59.99

Compression recovery clothing

BikeRadar score 4.5/5

We were sceptical, but after using these anti-fatigue and recovery-promoting garments, we felt less fatigued and seemed to recover quicker.

We’d heard all about compression clothing and certainly had our doubts. Skins, originating from Australia, offer two kinds of compression clothing – those for use during activity and those to be used afterwards for recovery.

The compression is said to help reduce swelling, lactic acid build-up, muscle vibration and increases oxygen circulation using gradient compression in all the right areas. We used ours under regular kit when riding and were pleasantly surprised at how well they work – we definitely felt less fatigued than usual after hard sessions. 

For those who don’t fancy wearing them on the bike there’s the recovery version, which impressed us too. We’d slip into them after a tough day and even slept in them, recovering quicker than normal. 

Another bonus is they help regulate body temperature and wick well, so they’re not sweaty or uncomfortable. They’re also supposed to help with fatigue when flying but we’ve yet to try this out. 

Prices: Tights £59.99, Recovery tights £59.99, LS top £49.99 SS Top £44.99


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