Easton EC90 Attack TT Aero bar review£699.99

Premium cockpit

BikeRadar score3/5

Alloy and composite specialists Easton have put all their experience into this striking but ultra-expensive cockpit. The drooping base bar finishes in short flat horns, so taping is essential for reliable grip, but aerodynamics are optimised otherwise, with neat internal routing for brakes and for gears on the extensions.

The shallow S-bend extensions give a good range of hand positions, although some testers were disappointed by the lack of other matching options or sideways adjustment. Once cut to length they plug into a neat and secure collar system, level with the base bar.

Slots in the carbon arm-pad cups allow sideways and angular adjustment and the deep pads are curved enough to be secure on bad surfaces. It’s stiff out of the saddle too, but it’s very expensive for a non-brake integrated bar.

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