Tektro TL720 aero bar brake levers review£29.99

Cow-horn compliant levers

BikeRadar score3/5

In terms of anchors, Tektro are massive, making stoppers for countless bike brands to rebadge, as well as selling them straight. The TL720s are their mid-range cow-horn compliant levers with a positive, powerful feel that’ll bring out the best in your brakes.

The rounded ergonomic design syncs a lot more smoothly into bar ends than the cheaper, blunter RX4.1 or the RX5.0 Carbon for a smoothly sculpted look.

They feed cables through the bars rather than underneath too, which is a nice touch. The broad blades feel good under your fingers and there’s no sideways rattle to irritate or detract from braking feedback.

The return spring is slightly soft though, so a bit of tape on the upper lip might be needed if you’ve got a lazy or sticky internal cable run that lets some slack into the wire. At 170g they’re not the lightest option, but then you’re not paying a premium to get them.

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