Race Face Atlas AM crankset review£239.00

Seriously strong crank, but bottom bracket is weak link

BikeRadar score4/5

It shows you how hardcore general Canadian riding is when Race Face’s all-mountain crank is tougher than most downhill sets.

Structurally there’s a lot of similarity with the Deus (and its Turbine grand-daddy) with a beefy I-Beam arm profile machined in Canada from a bespoke OPTIM-AL.

It certainly feels rock solid underfoot and our three-year-old long-term test set is still going strong after spending all 2008 in Whistler.

The thicker-walled fixed axle seems to preserve the bottom bracket bearings slightly better, although they’re still not great. 

Installation requires some muscle and pedal threads need greasing regularly, but once they’re on these are proper fit-and-forget cranks for big or aggressive trail riders.

They're not cheap, but seriously tough and well proven cranks for aggressive trail riders, especially if your riding includes regular drops, berms and downhill runs. Also check out the limited edition Race Face Atlas FR, which is an even beefier beast for extra insurance.

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