FSA Afterburner 386 crankset review



FSA Afterburner 386 crankset

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"A great value, durable all-rounder. They fit easily and stay secure"

Thursday, December 22, 2011 2.00pm By

One of the first tough trail double chainsets is still a great value, durable all-rounder. The combination of broad hollow-forged arms and oversized chromoly steel axle has proved strong and stiff in the several years we’ve been using these cranks. They fit easily and stay secure, and there’s a lighter, stiffer alloy axle BB30 version for bikes fat enough to take it.

The deep chainrings are stiff and tough enough to survive occasional impacts but the whole set-up is still light for the price. FSA bottom bracket bearings are on par with most others for durability too and the rings also last well. While the new black version here looks flash, we’d go for the gunmetal anodised version, which actually buffs up and looks better over time.

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Afterburner 386 crankset (12)

Weight: 730 + 102g. Options: 42/28, 39/28, triple, silver or black. Arms: 170, 175mm

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