FSA K Force Light MTB Mega Exo crankset £500

Race-ready but not fit-and-forget

BikeRadar score 4/5

FSA’s crazy-light crankset proves that less is often more. There’s no stiffer, lighter or more race-ready mainstream option.

The high cost is partly due to the complexity of making the hollow carbon fibre arms with integrated spider. Thick, machined chainrings in either triple or double formats take the stiffness to the outer edge too.

It also rolls on £159.99 worth of ceramic bearing bottom bracket, combining super low weight with huge strength. The bearings spin silky smooth for ages if you look after them. 

It is, however, easy to crush the bearings when installing the crank arms, and cosmetic wear to the carbon is immediate. Expect a finicky setup and slower shift on the double.

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