FSA K Force Light Mega Exo ATB £500.00

Mega expensive cranks for serious gram savers

BikeRadar score4/5

The K Force Lights are mega expensive, but serious gram savers should be delighted.

Already proven on their road cranks, FSA’s hollow carbon crankarms and deep cut chainrings are remarkably stiff for their low weight.

If you never use your granny ring anyway, the double chainring option here saves 60g over the triple while retaining most race ratios.

You even get ceramic bearing BB cups (£184.95 separately!) to suck out the last few grams while increasing lifespan. 

Chainring life and shifting is good too, although the Torx chainrings bolts will mean a trip to the tool shop.

They are cosmetically and crash fragile though, so don’t go mental with them. Price is high too, but potentially worth if for performance freaks.

Reassuringly expensive, incredibly light and stiff elite race cranks, but be careful with it off well groomed courses

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