SR Suntour Duro DJ-D crankset£79.99

Heavyweight budget choice

BikeRadar score3.5/5

We normally only meet the Duro family on cheaper jump bikes, but if £80 is all you’ve got it’s much tougher than a standard cross-country crankset.

A broad polycarbonate bashguard on the outside protects the teeth, steel pedal thread inserts bolster the 170 or 175mm crank arms, which get a big blunt end, and the broad base morphs into the double-ring spider. 

It’s an external bottom bracket type too, with a RaceFace-style fixed offside axle securing onto the driveside with tapered splines.

The result is impressively stiff and certainly secure so far. It’s a spinny 32-tooth ring, though, and with no proper pins shifting is slow and grindy, but the BB appears to be holding up okay and it’s £20 cheaper than Shimano SLX.

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