Storck Powerarm Pro Road SL crankset£989.00

Compact carbon road cranks

BikeRadar score4/5

This outrageously priced THM-manufactured carbon crankset weighs virtually the same as the THM Clavicula, widely acknowledged as the lightest crankset in the world.

However, the Pro Road SL has a massive 30mm diameter axle, which provides a greater surface area for the left-hand crank to fit on, providing immense stiffness.

The steel bearings are designed to take sideways and vertical loads, so you can reasonably expect them to last.

THM also recognise that carbon crank arms are susceptible to damage, so the pedal threads are designed to pop out if hit too hard against the kerb. All in all, this crankset is superb, though it’s still hard to justify the cost.

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  • Discipline: Road
  • Location: Bristol, UK

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