Truvativ Hussefelt crankset review£119.98

Cheap, but strength and loosening issues mean only buy if that’s all you can afford

BikeRadar score3/5

Hussefelt cranks are the cheapest heavy duty cranks around but they’re not exactly full-on. 

The cold forged AL66 arms get reinforced pedal thread inserts to stop you stripping them and they take a decent amount of abuse. They will bend if you really push the limits though, as MBUK Art Ed Jimmer found out.

Unlike most modern designs, Truvativ have stuck with a separate Howitzer ISIS bottom bracket with extra broad double row bearings. This means you can’t fit them onto standard ISIS though, and they had irritating – potentially disastrous – habit of coming loose and falling off, however hard we tighten them. 

The Howitzer bottom bracket is super heavy, making them hard to recommend unless they’re the only crank you can afford.

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