Avid Juicy Ultimate £195

Great feel and XC power, but expensive and not that light either

BikeRadar score 3.5/5

The ultra-pimped version of Avid’s Juicy has a lovely powerful feel, but it’s not as light as it looks.

To create its Ultimate XC brake, Avid recast the entire brake lever body and single piece calliper in magnesium, with titanium fittings, a carbon lever blade and even a shortened hose to save weight. The ‘mole nose’ bite point adjuster is replaced by an Allen key adjuster.

The result is a bling brake with all the sublime feel, impressive power and control we’re used to from the Juicy family. The Tri Align cup and cone washer system makes it simple to set up, too.

The extra washers and plain metal rotor make it relatively heavy for a very expensive race brake, though, and the short hose means you’ll be running it very tight with wide bars and a fork with more than 120mm of travel.


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