Clarks S2 disc brakes review£59.99

Value stoppers

BikeRadar score4.5/5

If you’re looking for low-price disc brakes you could either get cheap old ones or very basic new ones – until these appeared.

At 602g for a front 185mm rotor set-up, they’re heavy. But if you’re unconcerned about weight, the feature list is very impressive for £60.

Once you’ve bedded them in (it takes a while) the 185mm front/160mm rear provide plenty of stopping power for most situations, but 203mm rotor versions are available for the same dosh.

While the S2s feel blunt rather than smoothly modulated, the power is consistent and predictable from top to bottom of each run. Unlike many more expensive brakes, we’ve not had any ‘pull-to-the-bar’ panic moments after uplifts, transporting or storage.

The braided hoses are tough and help sharpen feel, and the exit angle is adjustable to frame and fork fit. Two-piece lever clamps make fitting easy and the broad levers are reach-adjustable.

Wavy rotors and sintered pads give plenty of bite and lifespan, and when they do wear out you can stick Hope-compatible pads in. They come in a range of colours too.

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