Diatech Anchor £80

A rock-solid bargain disc brake option

BikeRadar score 3.5/5

Diatech’s budget brake – with its jolly anchor painted onto the white or black finish – has been a rock-solid bargain option for years.

This is the heaviest brake on test, but we’ve had sets running fine in the Peak District for six years, so you can’t knock them for reliability. We’ve dyno tested them to comically high temperatures before they blew, too, so they’ll be absolutely fine – even in worst-case drag-brake Alpine situations.

The 180mm front rotor option adds welcome power to an otherwise slightly limp stoppage, and control is fine, if not outstanding. The twin bolt lever clamp means you don’t have to fiddle around much with the grips to remove them – unlike most budget brakes on the market.

The recent price drop and the fact they now come as separate brakes – not a front and rear set – means they’re still a great budget option.


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