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Funn Drop In brake

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"Reasonable control with impressive reliability, but a blunt lever feel and very heavy"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 10.00am By

Funn’s Drop In brake is their cross-country offering with lots of reliable power and easy spares availability. It’s heavy, though.

The basic design is similar to the old Hayes HFX-9 although the master cylinder gets some extra surface detailing and it’s available in a range of colours.

The two-piece bar clamp makes fitting easy, the flip-flop design works either side of the bar and the long lever gives plenty of scope for multi- or fat-fingered winter glove use.

The bolted two-piece calliper has an adjustable hose angle and it can take aftermarket Hope pads – which is a big bonus in terms of spares availability. Lever feel is blunt and power isn’t as dramatic as its Drop Off sibling, but it’s still better than average.

Progression and intensive, high-heat performance is a lot more consistent and the long-term reliability is very good too. It is particularly heavy though, putting it more in the heavy-duty gravity bracket than its intended cross-country billing.

Dry drop in: dry drop in

All dry: all dry

Funn drop in: funn drop in

All wet: all wet

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