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Hayes Stroker Gram Brake

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"It’s not that light or subtle in feel but it is a super-reliable, and long lasting stopper"

Saturday, February 20, 2010 4.00pm By

The Gram isn’t that light but it’s as tough and dependable as they come. The master cylinder uses the same overall design as the standard Stroker Trail, but with hollowed-out supports for the hooked carbon fibre lever blade.

You also get a purple anodised reach adjuster wheel and a white hose to show you’ve spent extra. At the brake end, titanium bolts clamp the two calliper halves together and aluminium-backed brake pads shave a few grammes – at over 400g it’s still not super-light though.

The lever feel is wooden and fine control is limited, which makes them an acquired taste in technical conditions, but we’ve run a set all year on a very high mileage bike and had no problems whatsoever. While power is average, it’s rare to find such a lightweight brake rated for a rotor up to 220mm.

It’s sold without rotor (£35) or mount (£15) to save duplication, but if you do need them they’re expensive. The pads last for ages though, which reduces running costs.

Also consider: Hayes Stroker Ace, £210, with its more powerful four-pot calliper.

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Stroker Gram (10)

Available Rotor Sizes: 140 (rear-only), 160, 180(tested), 203, 224 (mm)
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