Hope M4 disc brake £185.00

Four-pot stoppers

BikeRadar score3/5

One of the few brakes still sticking with a multi-cylinder format, the M4 suffers on the scales but rewards in terms of control and feel. The Tech master cylinder is the same big block of machined alloy as the X2 and you get the same high-leverage drilled rotor.

Metal adjusters on the lever control blade reach and bite point, and they work superbly. The oversized calliper also uses a pair of different sized cylinders to squeeze the long pads. Power is average rather than astounding, although fine control is excellent from the long levers.

The brake can be pimped up with the alloy centre floating rotors and braided hoses shown here, which save a few grams and tighten up lever feel more. The floating rotors and brake mounts can cause clearance issues on some forks and it doesn’t snug up to shifters very well without using a Matchmaker mount. The long pads and calliper need careful alignment to stop them rubbing and the whole setup is heavy.

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