Magura Gustav M review£210.00

Brutally effective downhill brake

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The original downhill-specific stopper, Magura’s 11-year-old Gustav M isn’t subtle. But it sure can stop.

It has a massive twin pot one side, a fixed pad the other, and callipers that float sideways on pins to create a self adjusting system that’ll run even if you bend a rotor. 

The result is super heavy and modulation isn’t subtle, but the long pads and long lever blade give truly eye-popping power with minimal lever pressure.

Intensive testing proved last year’s disappointing dyno results aren’t the norm and restored faith in the power and reliability of this monster for 20stoners, tandem users or extreme users. 

The price of larger-rotor front brakes is higher due to machined parts but rears are a more reasonable £169.

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