Magura Julie HP disc brake review£84.00

Consistent power and control

BikeRadar score3/5

The bolted together, adjustable hose angle calliper of the Julie is the same as Magura’s £100+ Louise family and uses the same high-pressure (HP) hydraulic circuit as other Maguras. The master cylinder is a unique T-bar-style resin body piece, with a broad bladed alloy lever and alloy reservoir cap. While it’s not pretty to look at it’s compatible with all shifter systems and is easy to bleed if you have to cut down the extra long hose that’s supplied.

The soft master cylinder material is safe to slide onto carbon bars too, which makes the closed clamp less of an issue. The new Storm rotor saves 15g for a £12 price increase as well as helping heat management. Actual braking performance is usefully powerful too, with no trouble from the eco friendly mineral oil internals right through to top stopping temps. Control and modulation is consistent once you’re used to the blunt contact feel.

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