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Magura Louise BAT Brakes

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"Slightly heavy but impressive power and lots of user-friendly features"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 12.00pm By

The 2010 Louise BAT is unchanged since last year, but it’s still a bargain for the dependable performance and features.

It shares its two-piece calliper with the budget Julie brake, but the hose angle is adjustable and the licensed Galfer wavy rotor helps cleaning.

The L-shaped lever is single-sided but gets a hinged clamp for easy fitting. The long, broad blade gives rock solid feel and there’s a bite point adjust dial.

Thorough bedding in is vital, but initial and medium braking power is impressive and modulation is reasonable. Despite mineral (non-synthetic) oil guts, it’s still better than most at full pull.

Weight is slightly high at 484g and the extra long hose needs pruning, but you do get a five-year guarantee and the price is excellent value.

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