Magura Marta FR disc brake £195.00

Usefully powerful

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The Marta has had a grunge green FR makeover, and although it’s a usefully powerful brake, you’re mostly paying extra for aesthetics rather than improved performance. It comes with 180 and 203mm options of Storm rotor, plus a new green and military stencil style finish with white hose lines. There are no changes to the reservoir capacity or the single-piece calliper of the standard Marta though.

The closed lever design is awkward to slide onto carbon bars and the calliper hose either exits at 0 or 90 degrees (optional upgrade) rather than being truly angle adjustable. Power and feel are great, but indistinguishable from the only-slightly-heavier-but-much-cheaper Magura Louise and Louise Carbon brakes, which also have bite point adjustment and hinged clamps.

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