Magura MT8 disc brake review



Magura MT8 disc brake

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"Very light, predictable and controlled brake but at a hefty cost"

Saturday, March 3, 2012 12.00pm By

The MT8 is the flagship of Magura’s all-new four-brake range, tempting racers to spend £300 per end with a super-light composite front end and an impressively consistent performance.

Bike brakes are only a tiny part of the Magura product line and given that they specialise in high precision injection moulded parts for people like BMW, it’s not surprising that they’ve switched to a composite ‘Carbotecture SL’ material for the master cylinder and lever on the MT series. 

The MT8 gets the top grade material too, combined with a single piece calliper and titanium bolts to drop weight to a very impressive 339g. There’s a bit of flex when you’re hauling on the lever which means a softer feel than previous stark Magura brakes but modulation is good enough for staying upright on the slipperiest descents. 

The Storm SL rotor provided consistent torque delivery on the dyno and while power isn’t dramatic it’s enough for most trail situations. There’s a five-year anti-leak guarantee and bleeding with mineral oil is straightforward, though it's intolerant of any air you get in when tweaking. The MT8 certainly isn't cheap either.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.

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MT8 disc brake (12)

- Carbon fibre reinforced injection moulded lever body and lever blade - New in line master cylinder design - Reach and bite adjust - New top loading pad design
Average torque: 90Nm, Weight: 599g a pair, including rotors and mounting hardware. This breaks down as follows: front calliper, hose and lever 180g; 160mm front rotor and bolts 100g; rear calliper, hose and lever 193g; 180mm rear rotor and bolts 126g.
Carbon Fibre
Brake Rotor Diameters:
160mm 180mm 203mm

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