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Easton EC90 SLX fork

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"Thoughtful design but average performance considering the price"

Thursday, October 7, 2010 9.00am By

Easton have added a flattened section along the back of the steerer tube on the EC90 to reduce the damaging stresses that overtightened stem bolts can cause. A screw thread inside the tube enables headset adjustment without the use of an expander plug to further protect the fork’s full-carbon construction.

Vibration damping is good for smaller hits but as bumps become larger they are less and less well damped – we’d rather stick to medium length rides using this. Steering stiffness is consistent in tight and sweeping bends but it does flex noticeably when hauling on the brakes.

That rearwards flex changes the steering geometry and means handling feel varies as you brake in the approach to a bend – it doesn’t instil confidence when descending fast, though it offers a capable and secure ride in less challenging situations. Other forks offer similar performance at lower weights for less money, though.

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43mm offset
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Carbon Fibre

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