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Wednesday, October 3, 2007 11.11am By

THM are used on the Storck range at the high end and this is one down from the top SP Tuned (235g) version.

It uses a high modulus 100% carbon construction that is oriented in a herringbone pattern for added strength and the steerer tube is Kevlar reinforced for added security. THM believe that the 'step' in fully integrated forks is a potential weak spot so they supply the Spina fairing separately for integrated head tubes (most bikes these days). Rather than using a bung, the steerer has a threaded wall that appears to be a simple and reliable method of adjusting the headset bearings.

The THM is very close to the ideal in terms of comfort and this is backed up by the lab results. The THM is 1 1/8in only and with a 43mm rake there's an impressive array of gloss and matt finishes and various colour options to match your bike.

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Scapula SP with Spina fairing

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1 1/8 Inch

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