Bos Deville fork£890.00

Top performing big-hitter

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Bos have always created superb forks, and their recent price drop means they're now more affordable. At just over 2kg, the air-sprung Deville is among the lightest 160mm-travel (6.3in) forks available, but it still feels stiff and accurate on the trail.

Unlike most larger stanchion air forks, initial movement is very plush and sensitive for extra traction at the front end on loose or chattery surfaces. The damping system is the most controlled we’ve ever used too. Its compression and rebound is adjustable but the exceptional overall control of ride height and all bump size/speed/frequency consistency is what really sets it apart from the rest.

Its surefooted and trustworthy mid-stroke support is particularly noticeable when you’re pushing through corners. The Bos TRC (Twin Rate Curve) system alters the spring rate to give a tighter-feeling 110 or 130mm stroke without affecting ride height, so it’s no easier to get round switchback uphill corners, but you get less bob when out of the saddle.

There’s a 140mm-travel (5.5in) version for shorter-travel bikes. The tab-ended 20mm axle sometimes needs an Allen key for extra leverage but the single Fox-style pinch clamp is very secure. We’ve never heard of a reliability issue from users or other testers.

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