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DT Swiss XRC100

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"DT Swiss aims to add reliability to Pace’s already great fork designs"

Friday, March 7, 2008 6.00pm By

DT has spent a lot of time and money injecting its legendary quality control into Pace’s fork designs. Has it been worth it?

External changes are purely aesthetic, but the Hollowform carbon fibre chassis is still outstandingly stiff considering the low weight.

The stroke is really impressively controlled throughout the bump speed/size range, too, and the remote lockout is still the neatest around. While DT’s switch to a coil negative spring from an adjustable air spring adds 80g, it does make set-up much easier.

This is literally the first DT fork in the UK, though, so while it has been flawless for us, we’ve no depth of comparison in reliability terms. If they do hold up, though, £600 seems a fair price for the outstanding quality and performance.

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