Fox 36 Float R fork£659.00

Good fork at a good price

BikeRadar score4/5

Apart from new stickers, there are only subtle changes to Fox’s 36 range this year, but the basic fixed travel Float is still a great fork.

The chunky legged, geometric arched lowers with double quick-release latch and flip-out winder 20mm axle look burly and steer with an outstandingly precise and tight feel on the trail.

At well under 5lb (2.3kg), the fork is lighter than it might look too. Fox claim stiction on the 36 is reduced, but it still isn’t as sensitive as the RockShox Lyrik air fork or the super-plush Fox 36 Van coil fork.

However, the damping control, even on this basic R version of the fork, is good right through the impact size and shaft speed range. Its reliability is equally solid and a recent price drop makes it a bargain, compared to the £779 RC2 version.

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