Fox 36 TALAS RC2 review£689.99

Possibly the best big all-mountain fork around

BikeRadar score4.5/5

This is a great year for Fox, and the travel-adjustable 36 TALAS RC2 may well be the best big all-mountain fork around. Structural changes means the weight is now well below the competition, and it also boasts a quick release screw-through axle.

The three-position TALAS knob toggles 30mm for every eighth of a turn, making on-the-fly travel adjustment super quick – but not as fine tuneable as U-Turn or ATA.

While the stroke is a little more notchy than the fixed travel 36 Float, it’s impressively smooth most of the time and the new damping circuits are great at calming trail chaos.

Whether most riders need the high and low speed tuning of the RC2 is doubtful, but the price is reasonable and reliability is excellent.

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