Magura Durin Marathon fork £619

Reliable 120mm-travel fork

BikeRadar score2.5/5

Despite its light weight, the double-braced Durin Marathon chassis tracks well on the trail and it’ll take a 210mm brake rotor. It’s a shame there’s no Maxle option like the 140mm Thor though, because that would make it a really tight technical fork.

Valving and oil changes for 2010 mean more obvious compression control and it doesn’t choke on freezing rides like the old ones did either. You can adjust low-speed compression damping and threshold on the soft dynamic lockout with its pull-up top cap actuation, and there’s the option of remote control 80-120mm travel adjust too.

It still takes patience and precision to find the air pressure sweet spot between reasonable smoothness over small stuff and sudden braking dive. But we do like the box on the leg decal where you can note your favoured pressures once you’ve found them.

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