Magura MD100 SL fork review£699.00

Excels as a race fork

BikeRadar score4/5

The superlight SL is our pure racer’s pick. For a start it’s extremely light (1,360g) and the double brace, 32mm leg design means we never noticed excess flex in the ride.

Cornering was obedient and there were no random twangs or running wide in rocky sections. It’ll even take a 210mm brake, although there are no screw-through axle or tapered steerer options.

The stripped down, non-adjustable Albert SL compression damping is tuned superbly for racers. The fork stays steady when climbing unless you really bounce out of the saddle, and it doesn’t dive under braking or cornering.

It feels tight through high-speed corners too, letting you look for a fast exit rather than wobbling about, and fire it straight down a set of steps or something rocky and it eats the lot without any sign of indigestion or loss of composure by the bottom. There are five colourways available.

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