Magura Durin R100 Raceline suspension fork review£704.00

Tall and tight race tuned stroke

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The Raceline is a limited edition (600 only) version of Magura’s Durin Race 100 fork. Their signature sharp-edged double brace looks clean but there are no screw-through axle options. This means twist strength isn’t great, but fore/aft stiffness on the trail is better.

The stroke is race tuned, in that it stays tall and tight without morale-sapping bob. The DLO (Dynamic Lockout) retains top-end movement when locked too. Hit a rocky trail or set of steps and it sucks them up pretty well before regaining composure quickly. The small rebound knob tunes from fast enough to super-slow and there’s less dive and temperature sensitivity than last year.

Rebound still needs backing off if it’s below zero and the fork bottoms out 7mm short of the claimed 100mm. The remote lockout lever is stiff even when new and the clamp is tall and vulnerable in a crash. Reliability is solid otherwise, but the price is high.

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