Magura Odur fork £254

Proven performer

BikeRadar score 4/5

A proven high-value performer, Magura's Odur suspension fork continues unchanged for ’09 and that’s fine by us.

Magura’s distinctive low-slung double arch brace design immediately distinguishes the Odur in terms of steering control. It locks down steering for outstanding on-trail accuracy that’ll shame anything this side of a bolt-through fork.

The externally adjustable rebound matched to coil spring guts gives a smooth, consistent and well controlled ride for the money too. Although initially it felt a bit firm, the coil spring proved perfectly balanced for swallowing four-foot pancake landings without drama, while still maintaining small bump traction.

Stainless steel corrosion protectors on the forward sloped safety dropouts, metal adjusters all round and the old-school IS brake mounts also add structural longevity to a good hydraulic reliability reputation. In fact, only the limited 85mm and 100mm travel options restrict the Odur’s obvious all-mountain potential.

While a dynamic lockout (it leaves a bit of supple movement for grip) helps climbing, the coil spring internals mean the Odur is rather heavy for its travel category. Definitely a good option for high-mileage, fit-and-forget use though.

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