Marzocchi 4X WC review£449.99

Light, tight and impressively controlled four-cross & dirt jumper

BikeRadar score4/5

As the name suggests, the 4X is designed purely as a race fork, and the 08 version is a big improvement on the original. It uses a lighter version of the Dirt Jumper chassis, but with 20mm axle to keep steering stiffness and strength high. 

The air spring drops a lot of weight out too, giving it a clear gram count advantage over everything inits class but Manitou's Black Label.

The feel is noticeably better than the 07 version. Rebound is more consistent and the compression damping adjustments make a big difference to the 100mm stroke. 

This fork launches and lands well, losing no time in regaining control, and gives a definite edge when the gate goes down. 

At £450 you’re paying for that performance!

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