Marzocchi 888 RC3 WC fork review£1,199.95

Tough, smooth fork for extreme antics

BikeRadar score4/5

Marzocchi’s top line 888 keeps the titanium springs but adds the latest RC3 damping technology. The bigger bottom end and brace add extra steering stiffness, post-style brake mounts and a proper hose guide. 

It also adds a fair dose of extra weight, which makes the air sprung ATA WC the smart racer choice.

Titanium coils make the feel outstandingly fluid, with consistent buttery ground connection right through the stroke. 

Initial worries about the high and low speed compression being combined and controlled by a single knob have subsided, now they’ve proved to be impressively controlled.

The volume adjust knob lets you tune end stroke feel and so far they’ve been fit-and-forget. 

Our number one choice for freeriders. 

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